Welcome To Mitra Real Estate And Get Maximum Return Compared To Other Investments

Welcome To Mitra Real Estate And Get Maximum Return Compared To Other Investments

Let’s compare the different investments which give expected and convenient  return.

  1. Fixed deposit. : As we all know, in this investment, whatever the rate of interest is declared by government, that is only is given. At present only 4.9% is given on F. D. In nationalised banks. We suggest you better options than F. D. Let’s discuss it.
  • We offer to invest in real estate. Which gives better return compared to other investments. As you know if we invest in mutual fund, which is ultimately invested in stock market only. And stock market is not always steady. Last year’s average return of mutual fund is nearly 20 %. When if you will invest in real estate, you can have more than 25 % return quiet easily.
  • This is same as to invest in gold. But there’s quiet difference between gold and real estate.

Real estate can be given on rent and you can have current income. Which can be a supporting income for you in today’s money crisis period.

  •  As you know, now a days there’re so many people who’re interested to invest their surplus in stock exchange also and they earn from price difference. But now a days this also became quiet risky. If the prices of the shares which are purchased by us have been gone down then we must’ve to wait and watch only.

As we all know that once the price of Yes Bank share was 370 and now a days it’s 18 only. Now think for a while, who’ve invested more, they’ve to forget it for some period.

There’s no such risk in real estate

       So welcome and join with us to Deal with real estate.

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