Property for Industries in Rajkot

Property for Industries in Rajkot

In Rajkot city, for the purpose of manufacturing, there’re different types of industrial areas which are developed by government. And if any of the entrepreneur  is going to start his manufacturing unit in this areas, then they can automatically get required benefits for the industrial field.  These types of industrial areas are located in Rajkot at the following locations.

  1. Metoda GIDC industrial area, Kalavad Road.
  2. Aji Industrial area Bhavnagar Road
  3. Bamanbor, Ahmedabad high way
  4. Industrial area Nr. Padadhari.
  5. Shapar Veraval industrial area.


As we’ve discussed above, government provides different types of facilities which are necessary for an industry in these areas. Just like

  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunication
  • Electricity connections
  • Internet connection etc.

So that industrialist can be benefited. And these types of areas are situated on high ways. So that transportation can be easy.

More over main benefit to industrialist is that, he can get tax benefit by establishing industry in such areas. Because these areas are situated at farther distance from city so that pollution can’t be spread in residential areas.

In such areas an industrialist can get following properties for the purpose of manufacturing the goods

☆ Property for Industrial sheds

☆ Property for Ware houses

☆ Property for Offices

☆ Property for Manufacturing units.

ALL above type of properties are available in Rajkot industrial areas.

So that  the requirements of a manufacturing unit can be fulfilled quiet easily. And they can do deal with their customers also from the same place only.

Thus industrial areas are very much beneficial to develop industries  

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