Saurashtra Best 16 Economy Zone

Best 16 Economy in Saurashtra

Best 16 Economy in Saurashtra

As we know that Saurashtra is one of the part of Gujarat State. And it’s a one of the most important part of the whole country. Because it has a long sea shore. And there’re many ports in Saurashtra so that it’s a very much important for international business. And there’re various types of businesses are going on in Saurashtra.

  1. Automobile sector
  2.  Building construction
  3.  Service sector
  4.  Professional field
  5. Pharmaceutical field
  6.  Judiciary sector
  7.  Electronic  communication field.
  8.  Ceramic sector
  9. Petrochemicals
  10. Textile industries
  11. Clock manufacturing
  12. Industrial field.
  13. Agriculture
  14. Fishing
  15. Wood
  16. Shipping.

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Let’s discuss about each and every field.

  • Automobile sector :

This is the sector  which is today’s most required field. Because today, people need vehicles especially  bike to go from one place to another especially  for the marketing people. And the people who’re working. In another fields.

More over now a days four wheelers also are necessary in today’s world to go out with family and the people who have to go at a long distance every day. So this is the  sector  which is most necessary in today’s life. For purchasing new vehicles and for its spare parts also. And more over for services and repairing also company’s show rooms are necessary. It’s one of the most  profitable business and well developed in Saurashtra especially in Rajkot.

  • Building construction :

Building construction is one of the most profitable business in Rajkot today. Builders purchase the plots of land at out of area and then give contracts of construction to contractors. And in these regions apartments and residencies are going to be constructed on different roads. More over shopping moles also are constructed in Saurashtra. Now a days there’s a trend to buy goods from shopping moles. These moles also are constructed by builders. Not only   residential but commercial buildings also are required.

If you’ll observe then you can understand that the roads on which some years ago there was nothing, on such roads due to building construction, it became central part of city. Just for an example, Metoda industrial area was considered too far from the residence area of Kalavad road in Rajkot, But now a days it became inside the city. Just like that only. Due to this business, cities can be developed and people can earn.

  • Service sector :

As we know that today people prefer service sector more as compared to business sector. Because in the field of business, a businessman has to face uncertainity. Because income from business, is always effected by economic fluctuations. So the people who’re educated and who’re interested in fixed income, always interested in service sector. In Saurashtra, the people are engaged in following service sectors.

  1. Education
  2. Banking
  3. Insurance
  4. Industrial field
  5. Marketing
  • Professional field :

Now a days the people who’re not having Job, and who’re well educated are interested in the field where their knowledge can be used. As you know, there’re professions like lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, professional tuitors Professional accountants To prepare the papers of export-import. are going on in Saurashtra. More over especially the professions              which provide the services which are required in export import businesses are also developed in the cities which are port. Especially Bhavnagar, Jamnagar,  Veraval,  Mahuva, Porbandar, and so many ports are there in Saurashtra. So in these cities the profession of to prepare the papers of export-import the goods also is going on in Saurashtra.

For these professions the classes of Account software like Miracle and Tally are also available. More over classes for preparation of export import papers also are going on.

  • Pharmaceutical sector :

As we know, this is the sector, which is the most important  sector for the people who need medicines. And in this field, the people who have degree of B. Pharm. Are working in this sector. Because these are only can get licence of medical store. And they can earn money by selling medicines. Same as who’re B. Sc. With Chemistry also can get such licence of medical store.

More over they can get job of M. R. Also. Which is the job available in medicine manufacturing companies to sell the medicines.

There’re so many people who’re  working in this field in Saurashtra.

We provide franchise and properties also in whole Saurashtra.

  • Judiciary sector :

Judiciary sector is the sector which is related  to courts and in this sector, mainly lawyers are working. Not only lawyers but clerical staff also is required. More over lodging services also are provided in surrounding area of courts. Because in courts, people have to work up to late evening. So, so  many people are employed in courts.  

This field includes police department also. Police department is the department which works to punish the criminals. And courts have to decide which type of the punishment should be given to criminal.

  • Electronic communication :

Electronic communication field is well developed field now a days. Because today, in all the fields, mobiles and internet became very much helpful to people. And now a days  the businesses of mobile instruments, mobile accessories and manufacturing of it are going on. More over laptops and personal computers also became more popular.

Now a days people prefer small electronic gazettes like laptops, tablets and just like that only. And laptop becomes more comfortable than tablets so people prefer laptop more than tablets or PC. Because it’s comfortable to move with bigger screen than tablets. And now a days the factories of such gazettes are already spread in all over India at the various places.

k n Saurashtra also there’re such factories and most  people are engaged to sell such goods and its factories also.

  • Ceramic sector :

As we know very well that now a days construction business is going on every where. And in this field there’s maximum demand of cement, tiles, stones, and lime also. So the factories of these products also have developed in Saurashtra.

Ceramics tiles factories are developed at Morbi in Saurashtra especially. Because whatever clay is needed to manufacture it is available in major quantity in surrounding area of Morbi. So there’re so many people who’re already owing such factories or are working in such factories.

  • Petrochemicals :

Actually Baroda is the centre of petrochemical factories. Which is situated in South Gujarat. But Saurashtra, these factories are developed especially in Jamnagar and Sikka. There’re so many chemical factories based on chemicals just like plastic and synthetic materials. And now a days the goods which are going to I be used are made of plastic, synthetic, and rubber material so that it’s wait becomes less and to carry it, less fuel will be needed. Suppose it’s a one of the part of vehicle then it’s wait can be reduced and average can be increased. Same as to reduce the cost also such material is going to be used.

In Saurashtra, these factories are not only in Jamnagar but at different cities like Rajkot also are developed.

In Sikka, cement factories are developed. And it’s famous for cement production.

  • Textile industries :

Actually Ahmedabad is the main canter of textile industry. But it’s located in Gujarat. In Saurashtra also there’s such a centre of textile industries which is Jetpur in Rajkot district.  There’re so many people who’re owing such factories and are working also. Actually we can say that the people of Jetpur are working in these factories only. If it would be closed then whole Jetpur would be broken.

  • Clock industries :

Clock manufacturing is developed in Morbi. Which is located in Saurashtra. There’re so many people who’re working in this industry in Saurashtra. In selling the clocks and manufacturing also.

  • Industrial field. :

This is the field which is most important field now a days because in the industries only manufacturing can be possible..

Rajkot is one of the centre of industrial sector.

From the very beginning Rajkot is the centre of diesel engines and it’s spare parts. More over spare parts of vehicles also are manufactured in Rajkot. And there’re so many people who’re engaged in this sector. Not directly in this but indirectly also. Such as accountants, content writers, transporters, banks, insurance,  companies, education,  and so many sectors can  developed.

  • Agriculture :

In Saurashtra, in rural areas majority people are engaged in agriculture only. And whatever do further sectors are developed, they also related to this only. The major portion of Saurashtra is made of villages only. And in villages, major people are engaged in farming only.

  • Fishing :

Fishing is the business which can be developed at seashore only. And in Saurashtra,  Veraval and Porbandar are the famous centres for fishing. And we export large quantity of fishes and we can earn foreign currency by exporting fishes.

  • Wood :

As we know at the seashores, coconut trees  grow more in which woods are large size. So there’re many people who’re engaged in this business and employees who’re working in their units are also earning very good.

  • Shipping :

There’re so many ports at the seashore of Saurashtra. So shipping business opportunities are very large in Saurashtra. Through which export import business is going on.0

Thus, Saurashtra is not only an educational hub but also a very good business point. And people of Saurashtra are interested to do business or to do service peacefully. To hey don’t prefer any conflicts based on religion or any other point.

So for the investment, Saurashtra is the best location.

We provide different facilities to develop business. You jut’ve to call 9659500099.

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