Pre-Leased Properties in Rajkot

Pre-Leased Properties in Rajkot

We are delighted to present you with the concept of Pre Leased Properties, an assured Return on your Investment.

——What is a Preleased Property? —–

A Preleased (Pre-rented) property is a property on sale, one which has already been given on lease to a tenant/ lessee and is deriving a monthly rent. The buyer of a preleased property is ensured of fixed ROI (Returns On Investment) from day one, in the form of rental yield, as the Lease deed is also transferred to their name.


A Preleased property or Pre Rented property is a property on sale, one which has already been given on lease to a lessee and is deriving a monthly rent.


The investor is assured of immediate ROI (Returns on Investment) in the form of rental income, as the Lease deed is also transferred to their name.


Assured regular ROI as well as capital appreciation on the Property.


To have the property and immediate regular income.


Prelease properties means the properties which  are already give N on long lease or rent.

Suppose a building is already given on lease for 20 years to a bank. Then it’s called Prelease property. Actually is the leased property. And the purchaser can get constant income without any efforts. Actually its a Return On Investment. Which means “ROI”

  •  How to generate immediate regular income ?

Let’s just discuss about it that how and in which situation a property purchaser can generate the regular income immediately from the new purchased property.

It can be possible only in 3 cases.

  1. After purchasing the property, it’s given on rent or lease as early as possible.
  • After purchasing the property, immediately business is going to be set up at the new location and it’s promoted fast. So that income can be generated as early as possible.
  • Property purchaser has purchased the property which is already given on lease/rent. So that only owners are going to be changed. And tenants  have to pay to the new owners means the purchaser gets income regularly. Which starts immediately. For him. Thus he doesn’t need to do efforts to generate the income.

As we’ve discussed above, in the case no. 1, we’ve to search out tenets after purchasing the property. And then only immediate income can be generated.

In second case, we’ve discussed, the purchaser purchases the property to establish the new business. Now if  any one is going to establish a new business, it’s obvious that he/she must has to invest at first and then wait and watch. It means it’s not possible to generate income at initial stage. Or its not the enough income.

So in both the above cases, the generation of income takes time.

Only the third situation is the situation which becomes beneficial to purchaser at the both views. I. Financial support. II. Generation of income without any efforts.

So the people who want to have immediate income generation and don’t want to establish their business. For them it’s the best choice. More over who want to establish their business, for them also it’s a best choice. Because after purchasing such properties they can generate income immediately and so their investment capacity can be increased. And they can establish their business earlier and more easily.

Thus it’s a best choice to purchase an already leased property.

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