Properties For Automotive Business In Rajkot


Properties For Automotive Business In Rajkot

As we know that today automobile business is going to spread very speedily. And it’s necessary also. Because now a days we need different types of vehicles such as

  1. Two wheelers
  2. Four wheelers
  3. Commercial vehicles
  4. Three wheelers.
  • Two wheelers :

                                 As we know people require two wheelers in most number of. Because whenever any one who wants to go for work/study  he/she needs two wheeler. So there’s maximum demand of two wheelers in urban and rural areas.

  • Four wheelers :

                            Whenever we’ve to go out side with family, we need a four wheeler. Or if we need to go for our work at a long distance daily, then also we need to have four wheeler. Now a days, in big cities there’re some areas through which we can’t go by two wheeler. In Bombay only there’re some areas through which we can’t go by two wheeler Four wheelers are beneficial for back pain also.

More over people need four wheeler at rural area also. Because they need to go to city area frequently for different purposes with family they need to have a four wheeler. Their needs for four wheeler is more than urban families. So  requirements of two wheelers will be more than four wheelers.

Not only this much but the demand of four wheelers also will not go down.

  • Commercial vehicles :

                             As we know now a days commercial vehicles like trucks and minitrucks and rickshaws and oil tankers and gas tankers  are going to be used for the purpose of transportation of goods. Not only this but JCB, and Road rollers also are included in these commercial vehicles. People purchase such vehicles for the purpose of business only.

It means they purchase such vehicles or construction equipments like JCB and road rollers  and then give them On Rent.  To the people who need that.

Now in such situation, the purchaser himself also can work as a driver. Or he can give such vehicles on rent to others so that he doesn’t need to search out for work. Thus these vehicles can be a source of income. There’re so many people who’ve  already established transportation companies by purchasing the trucks and travelling agencies also by purchasing the buses.

Thus the commercial vehicles about which we’ve discussed above are as under.

  • Trucks
  • Minitrucks
  • Buses
  • JCB
  • Road rollers
  • Rickshaws.
  • Oil tankers
  • Gas tankers

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