Properties for Wholesale and Retails in Rajkot

Properties for Wholesale and Retails in Rajkot Supermarkets: As we know now a days the business of supermarkets is going on very popular because people don’t have time to go to different shops to purchase the different goods.

And super market is such a shop where a large carpet area is required and different types of goods are going to be sold. More over in such shops people don’t argue about prices. Generally, people buy the goods in bulk. And they become permanent customer. So super market owners always give some discount to the customers. That is ok this discount is minor. But due to its customers can be attracted. We provide place for such super markets.

  • Toys and gifts: Now a days this is the time of gifts and card. And people have to give cards and gift to maintain the relations. Same as in the case of toys. Suppose young children’s birth day is there,  then toys are given as a gift. We provide dealership of such toys. Leo toys is the famous company which gives dealership of the toys to different dealers at different cities.
  • E-shops: As we know now a days people don’t like to go to purchase the goods. They like to purchase the goods online only. And now a days seller also joins such apps like Amazon and other ways so that they can come with the contact of customers. And customers also like this way to buy the goods. Because these types of services are going to be provided by combination of different type of peoole such as swiggi and amazon and Paytm and upi. Now each and every one of these provide discount to the customers so customers can get the goods at lower price than offline. So, this became most popular now a days.
  • Home & Office supplies: As we know that today we need supply of goods at our offices and home also. For an example, we need supply of drinking water jugs at our offices and supply of goods from shops to our home. In the case of home, we need to give list of goods by phone only. And business men supply it through their staff or other agencies. We provide such franchises or agencies to our clients. Such that if we are talking about water jugs, then there’re different water jug suppliers in the market and they spread their business by giving agencies or frsnchises to the interested people.
  • Other: As we know in the field of retail business, the retailers must be in contact of their daily customers. For that, they must’ve to be at their shop. And these retailers are the main market of wholesaler. Because as we know, all the goods and services are going to be created to sell the customers only. And retailers are the last key by which we can supply the goods to the customers and by the help of them only it can be possible to creat demand of a particular goods in market and to increase also. We provide agencies and franchises to these retailers also.
  • Books: As we know, books are the main source of knowledge even in today’s digital world also. And its a most handy source also. Because it’s not possible for every one to have digital source when required. There’re problems of internet connection in remote areas.

More over for the text books also up to now digital source is not completly accepted so that people would stop to use or buy the books.

Now a days people take agencies of books and then they sell it at wholesell prices to the retailers. This is one type of business. So, every publisher wants to give agency of their books so that it can be popular in the local market and selling can be increased. We provide such agencies also so that agents don’t need to worry about propagation of the books.

Suppose an agent has taken agency of “Navneet” customers will automatically demand these books. Because propagation is already done by the company. And agents just have to sell it at printed prices to the retail customers and he will get his commission.

Thus, we work in different industries in the market.

So, when clients join with us at first, we’re 100% sure that they’ll be satisfied fully and we provide services as long as possible.

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