Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojana

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Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojana

Introduction :

                        As we know that now a days Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA is already started to provide residencial facilities to lower middle class people so that they can have their own residence in their budget. And according to today’s required facilities.

How to register and pay the payment :

These types of residencial facilities were provided by earlier governments also. Which are named as housing board. In which residencial facilities are provided by government and the payment is to be done in small instalments. Some part of the payment is to be done at the time of registration and remaining part is to be paid in small monthly instalments.

Terms and conditions to apply for housing facilities under government scheme :

For all of these, there’re some strict terms and conditions to be fulfilled. Just like the person on whose name the form is filled,

He/she should not be the owner of the house on the date of submitting the form. Otherwise he’s not eligible to apply for housing facility provided by Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA.

He/she must be a matured person above 18 years age.

He/she must be Indian citizen.

If house is allotted then up to 7 years the applicant must has to live in the same house. Otherwise he will loose the house.

 Such terms and conditions must be fulfilled. Then after only form will be accepted.

Allotment system in PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA :

Thus in Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA also under these terms and conditions residencial facilities are provided at different locations like Jivaraj park, Sadhuvasvani road, Jamnagar road and all the outskirt areas of Rajkot city where these Avas Yojana residences are constructed.  In such schemes by government, the allotment of houses are done on the draw system.

Facilities provided in PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA :

Now a days the residences provided under Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA are already with the latest modern facilities. Just like shower in bath rooms and western style toilets with tiles up to half height of the walls.

More over according to today’s requirement, there’re more plug points also are provided in these houses. So that people can do online work and can earn money.  More over in this houses , the thickness of the walls is more. So that we can feel coolness inside the house. And walls are so thick that if we want to fix up the nails inside the walls, we’ve to fix it by drilling. But in general cases we don’t require it because nails are already given by fixing at the time of construction only. More over where ever such societies are constructed, commercial centres also are constructed where shops at cheaper rate are available. And shop owners can have better business than other places because in Avas Yojana, so many people can have residencial  facilities in such areas. So shop owners can get very good business every day. Due to dense population in such societies.

Locations of such AVAS YOJANA :

Such Avas Yojana are developed at Jivaraj park, Pedack road, and other rural urban development areas which are under Ruda.

Ruda is one of the government department which is established to develop the rural areas and societies at out skirt areas of the city. In Rajkot, on Kalavad road also such societies are already developed near Metoda GIDC. So that the flat owners can get job in near by industrial area.  On the same road, there’re different schools also located where ladies can get the job.  Thus people can get the job also and can get the better house owning by them with better facilities. By having house in  AVAS YOJANA.

By the help of Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA, the people who’re from lower middle class can have their own residence. Otherwise there’re so many people who have already passed their lives in rent houses. Such people can have their own house.

Misbenefits taken by public and precautions taken by government :

No doubt, this is one of the better scheme to provide people their own house in their budget but there’re so many people who take misbenefit of it. The people who don’t need these houses actually they can get it and the people who need actually they can’t get. Such situation occurs because the allotment system is based on draw system in which it’s not perfectly inspected that if the applicant really in need of such house or not. Some times a single applicant can get more than one houses. So he gives the remaining on rent. So again people who really in need have to live in rent house. Such situation occurs in allotment. Some times the people who’re having link to internal staff, can get houses. And remaining people can’t get. So now a days there’s a strict condition that the applicant who gets the house must has to live in the same house up to 7 years. Otherwise he will loose the house

Now a days inspection before allotment :

                                                                        Whatever situation we’ve discussed above, could be seen in  earlier housing societies and even today also it can be seen but now a days whatever AVAS YOJANAs are going to be launched, after more strictly inspection, the allotment is going to be done. So that needy people can be benefited.

In Rajkot, in earlier time also such societies are Already established. Nearly in the year of 1961 or after that. On Kothariya main road, Gujarat Housing board opp. Nilkanth theatre and above Devpara, Hudko quarters also were constructed which are constructed at lower rate. In these societies   commercial centres also are constructed and gardens also are prepared so that people can get places for refreshment in surrounding areas. So that they don’t need to go far distance for refreshment of their family. More over play ground also are created near by residencial areas for children so that they don’t need to go at a distant places to play.

Thus PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA or housing societies created by government are one of the best accommodation to live for lower middle or middle or lower class people. So that they can have their own home in their budget.

Refugee societies by government in 1947 :

This doesn’t mean that today only such societies are created. The projects to creat such societies are started to be held for last so many years. In 1947 also refugee societies were created for the people who were refugees at the time of partition and who were not having citizenship of Pakistan or India. For such people, the current government at that time had constructed refugee societies at different locations in different cities. Even today also such societies are there in city. On Kalavad road also Gujarat Housing Board society is already   constructed. The houses in front of Swaminarayan temple are such houses. Which are in front of Mahila college also. These societies were developed when Kalavad road was not developed. When Mahila college chawk was the end of Rajkot. Now a days Mahila college chawk became in between the city and Kalavad road is up to Jay International. Not only this much but when during the years of 60s whatever the societies were constructed on Kothariya Main road, one of the best society was constructed named “Nilkanth Park” in front of Nilkanth theatre opp. Gujarat Housing Board. These were tenaments means bungalows. Whoever have got houses in this Nilkanth Park, have got very good chance. Even today also they live in such houses.  Thus by such housing scheme, generations of the people can get solution of residence.

Facilities provided by government with these houses :

Not only residencial but in these schemes, land surrounding of houses also provided by government.

Suppose There’re apartments under housing schemes then surrounding of these apartment the land is provided on which the flat owner who is at ground floor, can expand his flat. Means he can construct 1 or 2 bed rooms. On which the flat owner at first floor, second floor. So just like flat owners can get more land to expand their residence. And can get more build up area than they got from government. No doubt, this depends upon the financial situation of the flat owners. But generally people expand their houses so that they can fulfill requirements of their family.

Loanable property :

As we’ve discussed above, an applicant has to pay a particular amount of money at the time of registration and the remaining amount is to be paid in small monthly instalments up to long period. So in such situation, if at the time of registration, applicant is not able to pay the payment, then he can borrow the loan and for that purpose, he has to mortgage the papers of the property then he can do such thing. Because this is the property through government housing scheme. So the papers are quiet legal.

If any one wants to borrow the loan to purchase a luxurious flat then may be papers would be incomplete and loan can’t be passed. But here in this case, it’s a housing scheme provided by government so it’s quiet clear papers. And applicant doesn’t need to worry about completion of papers. Whatever ownership he will get, that is quiet clear and legal.

Construction responsibilities carried by earlier and at present in PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA :

Earlier, the construction work and all the responsibilities to develop such housing societies were carried out by government department named “ Gujarat Housing Board” and Ruda which is established for urban development. These are the government units and the employees who’re working are the government employees. They were given more responsibilities than salaries paid to them. So some times they were not interested in their work.

So now a days the total work is going to be given on contract based. Contracts of different types of responsibilities are going to be given to different contractors so that quality of work can be better and people can get better services. And government doesn’t need to carry more responsibilities.

Problems to allot the contracts :

But here also there’s a problem. To allot the contracts tender notices are to be issued. And whoever contractor will fill lower price in tender form, his tender can be passed. Now if there’s lower price then quality of work will be inferior so to maintain quality higher price is necessary. So contractors give money to the officer by whose signature tender can be passed. And in some cases it occurs that whatever price and quality of goods are shown in tender, in real the goods are used inferior quality. In such cases if problem occurs then public has to suffer. But now a days inspections became more strict so that inferior quality of goods are not going to be used and in general cases the problem doesn’t occur.


Now a days whatever Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA houses are constructed, none can imagine that it’s a government housing scheme. Such fashionable and decent houses are going to be constructed with facilities of shower , western style toilet, solar, lift etc. Facilities are provided so that people don’t feel that they’ve purchased house from AVAS YOJANA.

Strict condition to stop misuse of PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA :

Now a days people  like to invest in such housing schemes and they don’t want to shift to live there because such Pradhan MANTRI AVAS YOJANA are going to develop in the out skirt areas of the city so that cost can be lower. And such areas are too far from the city. So people invest in such schemes and then give houses on rent. So that they can get a fixed monthly income. Due to this reason , the people who’re really in need they can’t have house. So now a days there’s a condition that if any applicant is allotted house then after getting  possession, he must has to live in the same house up to 7 years. So the people who’re really in need of home , who don’t have residence on their own name these people only will apply. And other who’re not in which want to just invest, can’t have house under this scheme.

After 7 years the owner wants to deal with this property then he can do it. But if he has done any thing before 7 years then he will loose the possession. Same as after allotment if within particular time limit possession will not be taken by applicant then the next applicant can get the chance. This much strict rules are there at the view of possession so that the people who’re really in need can get the residencial facility under PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA.

Thus such housing societies which are already established for last so many years and were popular at different names like Gujarat Housing Board and other names have provided residencial facilities to people in urban areas. And it became very much beneficial. Now a days it is known as “PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA” under which housing facilities are provided.

PMAY CLSS Scheme Details

ParticularsEWSLIGMIG 1MIG 2
Household Income (INR)Up to 3 lakhs3-6 lakhs6-12 lakhs12-18 lakhs
Carpet Area (sq.m)3060160200
Subsidy Interest (p.a)6.5%4%3%
Eligible loan amount (INR)6 lakhs9 lakhs12 lakhs
Max Subsidy (INR)2.67 lakhs2.35 lakhs2.30 lakhs
Discounted NPV (Net Present Value) Rate9%
Max loan tenure20 years

                                                                                                   Source: PMAY Official

If one needs an additional loan, the lender will provide it, but the additional loan is given at a non-subsidized rate. The subsidy is given for loan amounts within INR 12 lakhs.

E.g. – A person under MIG 2 income category wishes to purchase a house which is worth INR 60 lakhs. He or she should make a down payment of 12 lakhs that is mandatory and for the remaining INR 48 lakh can be paid to the seller by taking a loan. Out of the INR 48 lakhs taken as loan, the 3% subsidy is applicable for a loan amount of INR 12 lakhs and the lender’s home loan interest rate will be charged for the remaining INR 36 lakhs. 

PMAY CLSS Eligibility Criteria

To avail the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana CLSS scheme, the below-mentioned criteria should be met –

  • The applicant should not have their own house in his or his family’s name anywhere in India
  • No benefits should be taken from the government under any schemes in PMAY or any other government launched schemes
  • In case if the applicant is married than there are eligible for joint ownership with a single subsidy
  • The family income should be within 18 lakhs
  • Home loans that are sanctioned in 2017 and after are eligible to avail subsidy benefit as the CLSS scheme has been effective from January 2017

How to avail subsidy under the PMAY CLSS Scheme

If the applicant has met all the PMAY CLSS eligibility criteria, then he can avail subsidy under the CLSS scheme.

  • Select a lender or financial institution that is participating in the PMAY scheme
  • Fill the CLSS Subsidy scheme application form and attach all the necessary documents. The form must be submitted to the financial institute or lender.
  • The loan amount will be credited to the applicants’ account post verification
  • Once the loan amount is credited, the lender will get in touch with nodal agencies to sanction the subsidy amount
  • The subsidy amount will be credited to the applicant’s account

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