Top Commercial Properties Zones in Rajkot

Top Commercial Properties Zones in Rajkot

Rajkot is the well developed smart city in Saurashtra zone in Gujarat. And it’s a second cleanest city of India, seventh fastest growing city in the world. It’s located at the centre of Saurashtra. It’s a  well educated city so that it is famous as an educational hub and business hub also. The people who live in Rajkot are from various cast. All the Hindu casts are included and Muslims also. But the Muslims who live in Rajkot are peaceful people. Majority of them are businessmen. So they’re not interested in religious conflicts. That’s why only compared to Ahmedabad, in Rajkot there’re very less conflicts.

Let’s discuss about the prime commercial zones of Rajkot and in which zone, which types of business can be developed.

1.Yagnik Road17. Race Course Ring Road33. Karanpara main road
2. Kalavad Road18. Airport Road34. Gundavadi
3. Uni. Road19. Tagor Road35. Kevdavadi
4. Moti tanki chock20. Vidya Nagar main Road36. Sorathiya vadi
5. RKC road21. Lakhajiraj RoadINDUSTRIAL AREA
6. Shastri Medan road22. Para Bazar37. Metoda GIDC.
7. Jubelley  area23. Raiya Naka tower38. Bamanbor
8. Municipal Vege. Market on Jubelley ring road24. Gondal Road39. Aji Vasahat
9. Nanamava main road25. Dhebar Road40. Bhaktinagar
10. Chandresh Nagar main road26. Bhakti Nagar circle41. Shapar Veraval 
11. Mavadi main road27. Kothariya main Road42. Kothariya naka
12. Sadhuvasvani Road28. Kuvadava road43. 80 ft. Road 
13. Amin Marg29. Milpara main road44. Jamnagar road
14. 150 ft. Ring Road30. Swaminarayan chowk45. Bedi naka
15. Second Ring Road31. Kenal road46. Rajkot Marketing yard.
16. Raiya Road32. Sadar bazar47. New Marketing yard.
Commercial Properties Zones
  1. Commercial properties on Yagnik Road in Rajkot :

Yagnik Road’s name is in the rememberance of Dr. Yagnik. And it is one of the cream area of Rajkot city and its one of the old and new developed area. Which starts from Race Course and ends at Trikon bag. Which is center of the city.

There’s polish  and mainly business men people live on  Yagnik Road. There’re so many commercial complexes and show rooms of ready made garments and the most famous and one of the oldest stationer named “ Ravi Prakash”, “Parimal Prskashan”, and the oldest one “Reliance book store”, “Old & New book store”, jewellery show rooms are located on this road. More over Ram Krishna Ashram and Jagnath temple of Lord Shiva which is important at religious view are situated on this road. More over Hotel Imperial Palace is also  located on Yagnik Road. Which is one of the four star hotel in Rajkot.

Thus Yagnik road is one of the such area on which any type of business can be developed. And investors can get maximum return by investing on this location.

  • Commercial properties on Kalavad road in Rajkot :

Kalavad road is one of the most cream and well developed area in Rajkot. Where price of land is at present Rs. 1,25000/yard. Now you can understand the value on Kalavad road.

There’re so many commercial centres and shopping centres on Kalavad road. And public which lives in the societies on this road is mainly business men and well to do. So investors can get maximum return by investing on Kalavad road.

On this road, one of the oldest one Mahila college is situated. And Saint Marry school, G. T. Sheth school, Walk Heart Hospital which was once Ashok Gondhiya Hospital. Are located on this road. Ashok Gondhiya had developed this hospital. And afterwards its hhande over to Walk Heart.

Kalavad road starts from Mahila college  railway crossing where now a days under bridge is constructed  and ends to Kalavad village.

On this road, Atmiy University also is situated which is developed by Swinarayan saints. And now a days its a large multi courses university.

Thus on this road, there’re so many institutes and hostels and hotels are located. So on this road, the business related to educational field can give more return. More over here showrooms also are situated.

Thus if any one invests on this road, in commercial real estate, definately will get more than enough return.

  • Commercial properties on Uni. Road in Rajkot :

As we know uni. Road starts from Kotecha Chock and ends at Saurashtra university. Thus this road is one of the side road of Kalavad.  

On this road, majority service people live. There’s a Kidney hospital named  B. T. Savani Hospital and S. N. K. school in which all the three boards GSEB, ICSE, CBSE are taught are located on this road. Sau. Uni. Is quiet near from this road. Do this is also one of the educational hub. Because students who study in university, need hostel and lodging facilities on this road. So the businesses related to education, can developed more on this road.

Actually any investor can get expected revote of his investment.

  • Commercial properties at Moti tanki chock in Rajkot.

As we know Moti tanki is one of the oldest area of Rajkot. Where especially travells agencies are situated. The oldest travel agency Eagle travel is situated here. Not only travels agencies but also coaching classes are situated so this is one of the quiet dense area where any business can be ddeveloped.

At the same area, the famous Jalaram temple is located. More over here only Akila press also there. Not only this but this is the area which is near from major part of city. Like Shastri Medan, RKC, Mahila college etc. There’re commercial centres also located in this chock. So any business can be developed in this area can give more than sufficient return to the investors.

  • Commercial properties at RKC road in Rajkot :

This is the road where Raj Kumar College is located. Actually this is a historical college and not only college but school also. Which was established only for princes of kingdoms at the time of king system. And it’s building  is constructed by stones. Even today also it’s a well maintained building. From the very beginning in this school, CBSE board is applied. So that all the prince of whole India can be given equal training and education. Such schools are established  in whole India at each and every state. And in old era, only prince were allowed to study in this schools. The people who live on this road, are well to do. And generally investors can get very good  return of their investment on this road. The constructions on this road are historic constructions.

  • Commercial properties at Shastri Medan ring road in Rajkot :

Shastri Medan is located at the central part of Rajkot. And more over in its one of the oldest ground of Rajkot. Where every year Janmashtami fair.

In surrounding region of this ground, there’re residential buildings and shops. From this region only we can go to Panchanath temple and sadar bazar. Which is one of the oldest part of Rajkot.  From this ground only a road passes which touches Yagnik road and SBI Jimkhana branch is located here. At one side of this road, there’s  Trikon  bag. The same road touches to Jubily and afterwards Ahmedabad highway. On the same road, Civil hospital also located. From where different high ways are going to bifergate.

Near by Shastri Medan only there’re commercial  buildings also. Where people can develop their business and profession quiet easily because this is the region where lots of people visit daily from out of Rajkot also.

  •  properties at Jubilee area in Rajkot :

Jubilee is one of the oldest park in Rajkot. Which is developed in British time period. And its construction also you can see British style. There’s a large sized library located in this park. Which is established in British time only. And up to now it’s well maintained.

Surrounding region of Jubilee area, the public which lives is middle class public. But it’s a quiet dense area. So if any one want to plan to establish supermarket then it’s  a very good area. Because up to now, there’s no any supermarket in surrounding of Jubilee else gov. Vegetable market.  

Thus for the commercial purpose this is a very good area.

  • Commercial properties at municipal vegetable market on Jubilee ring road in Rajkot.:

As we know, Jubilee is the oldest area of Rajkot city. And just like municipal veg. Market on Jubilee ring road also is one of the oldest super market in Rajkot. Where not only vegetables but different goods are available. More over vegetables are sold at wholesale price also in this market. So if you’ll purchase vegetables from here, it quiet cheaper  than other area.

We’re already having properties in this Vege. Market also.

  • Commercial properties at Nanamava main road in Rajkot :

Nanamava main road is one of the new developing area of Rajkot. On which there’re so many opportunities for commercial real estate.   Because it’s a quiet dense area and there’re so many societies on this road. So the shops of homely requirement goods and like supermarket are convenient for this area.

Nanamava circle is located on this road.  Which is the junction of 150 ft. Ring Road and Nanamava main road. This road starts actually from a railway crossing and ends at Nanamava.

At Nanamava circle, there’re so many commercial centres located where different types of professions can be possible. Same as this road passes through Raj Nagar Chawk also where commercial centres are located. More over This road is nearer to Chandresh Nagar main road and Backbone shopping centre also.This road passes through nana mava circle and Raj Nagar Chawk also. Which are the most important points to invest. Because here, the commercial centres are located and maximum business  can be done due to junction areas of different roads

  1.  properties at Chandresh Nagar main road in Rajkot :

Chandresh Nagar main road is one of the developing area of Rajkot. It stars from  under bridge of railway and touches to Mavdi Main road. More over it’s a very dense area at the view of public. So many types of people live here. Especially service people and small businessmen live here. Especially we can say majority people are from middle and  lower middle class in this area, backbone shopping centre is one of the largest shopping centre. In which there’re so many offices and shops are situated. Where chances of various business is wide.

More over on this road, there’re different types of ready made garments show rooms also. And furniture shops also. In these furniture show rooms, mainly office furniture is available. On this road, different types of businesses are developed just as stationery, and other like super market, dairy business etc.

Any business can be developed here.


Actually MAVADI Main road is one of the out skirt area of Rajkot city. It starts from MAVADI village and touches at Anand Bangla chowk. Now a days this road is quiet developing area. Due to some commercial centres at Anand Bangla chawk.

In this area the public lives is middle class public. In some of the areas you will find upper class also means small factory holders. Such public also is here. In the commercial centres, mainly offices of accountants and lawyers can be seen. Especially accountants only. If you’ll  ask for accountant any where I mean, at Backbone, you’ll find answer, “go to and Bangla chawk”. Here different types of business can be run.

  1. Commercial properties on Sadhuvasvani road in Rajkot :

As we know that now a days, Sadhuvasvani road is a new developed area in Rajkot. Where luxurious apartments and bsnglows are situated.  Majority public live in apartments only. Who’re service people or  business people who’re well to do.

So if any one wants to do business on this road, they can have business of educational institute or shopping centre. This road is the road in between Uni. Road and Raiya road. Generally people live on this road are upper middle class. Coaching institutes and daily required goods can be sold in this region maximum. Means grocery shop.

  1. Commercial properties on Amin Marg in Rajkot :

Amin Marg is one of the cream area of Rajkot. Just like Kalavad Road only. This road starts from 150 ft. Ring road and ends  at railway crossing. There’re so many societies located on this road. Majority people live in bungalow’s and luxurious apartments on this road. There’re restaurants also and flower shops also on this road. Mainly super market/coaching institutes etc. Can be run on this road. Doctor’s dispensary, com. Offices also.  City civic centre of Municipality and one of the oldest school Saurashtra High School are located on this road.

Thus for investment and business purpose this is one of the good area in Rajkot.

  •  Commercial properties on 150 ft. Ring Road in Rajkot :

As we know that 150 ft. Ring road is the  first  ring road which is constructed around whole Rajkot. And there’re so many areas which are connected due to this ring road. On this ring road, there’re so many cross roads located. Around which different commercial centres are there. And these crossings start from Madhapar chockdi at Jamnagar road to Mavdi chowkdi . And not only this but Greenland chawkdi Ahmedabad high way also included.

Out of these crossings, Nanamava circle, Indira circle, K. K. V. Hall, Madhapar crossing,  Etc. Are very good areas for commercial field.

More over on this road, the cross roads like Ayodhya chawk, Shital park etc. Are very much important points at the view of commercial properties.  

  • Commercial properties on Second Ring road in Rajkot :

As we know that, Just now in Rajkot, the another ring road also is going to be constructed. The half work of this ring road is already constricted. And remaining work is continue.

On this ring road, mainly residential apartments are there. So business like super market and hotel business also can be possible. On this road, there’re different hotels already located. Actually at present, it’s a growing area but in future it will be prime area. So if any one will invest at present on this road, then it will be most beneficial to them.

  • Commercial properties on Raiya Road in Rajkot :

Raiya road is one of the  most dense area in new  Rajkot. It touches the railway crossing near Amrapali theatre  and starts from Raiya village. Now a days its already developed up to Raiya village. On this road, there’re so many societies and shops located. Commercial centers also are located. A famous theatre named Amrapali is located here. The people who live here, are majority service people or small businessmen. A large society named “Gandhigram”  touches to this road.

So any type of business can be run on this road.

  • Commercial properties on Race course ring road  in Rajkot :

Race course ring road is one of the most developed and oldest area in Rajkot. At the time of Britishers, the race of horse Was going to be arranged so this ground is known as Race Course. And whatever road is situated around it is Race course ring road. On this road, there’re so many hotels and ice cream Parlours are situated. More over there’re do many luxurious apartments and Government income tax office also are located. More over Rajkot’s first multi story luxurious residential  apartment named “Galaxy apartment” and Galaxy theatre also are located here.

At the commercial view, on this road, mainly hotel business and other also can be run. Because this ring road touches so many areas of Rajkot.

  • Commercial properties onAirport road in Rajkot :

Airport road starts from Race course ring road and ends to Air port. On this road, there’re so many societies located. Not only this but government offices also are situated. Chudasama plot main road also touches to airport road. Which starts from Amrapali railway crossing where now a days under bridge is constructed.

On this road, there’s a famous hotel which is named as “ Patria Suit” is the three star hotel owned by Dhanraj Mehta. Not only this but other hotels also are located on this road. So hotel business and other businesses can be run here quiet easily.

  • Commercial properties on Tagor road in Rajkot:

Tagor road is one of the well developed area in Rajkot. The name of this road is given in the rememberance of the name of Ravindra Nath Tagor. It starts from Mahila college crossing and ends at Bhaktinagar station chawk. There’re so many societies and apartments situated on this road. Actually this road is along railway line. There’re so many automobile show rooms on this road. So automobile business and auto parts also can be possible on this road.

More over on this road there’s a quiet famous auditorium named “Hemu Gadhvi hall” is situated on this road. At the time of every festival, there’s a programme in this hall. This hall is owned by Sargam social club. So if any one is the member of this club, they can get free pass for functions going to be held in this hall.

More over on this road only, there’s to he building of A.V.P.T. college situated. It’s the gov. Diploma college. And back side of D.H. college also is there. On the side road to here’s  the new building of Law college is situated. Thus Tagor road is one of the prime location for any business.

  • Commercial properties on Vidya Nagar main road in Rajkot :

Vidya Nagar main road is one of the old part of the city. It starts from Tagor road and ends at Bhutkhana chawk. It crosses Lodhavad chawk and after Bhutkhana chawk, it joins Canal road.  Actually it’s a very good short cut when we’ve to come to city area from new Rajkot.

This whole road is full of dense public. And all the houses are old fashioned. But every type of business can be run here. Here there’re private hospitals also and the offices of lawyers also situated. On the same road there’s a masala mill and tyre agency also. So you can understand that any business can be possible here. Though it’s an old fashioned houses road but due to dense population on this road, it’s a prime location for business. But here majority public is middle or lower middle class. So high range products will be difficult to be sold in this area. But not impossible.

We’re having properties on this road also.

  • Commercial properties on Lakhajiraj road  in Rajkot :

Lakhajiraj road is one of the oldest area of Rajkot. It’s located at central part of Rajkot and daily lots of public visit here on this road. Majority shops are located here sell the goods at wholesale price. And small business men purchase from here and they sell the goods at retail prices at the new Rajkot especially outskirt areas. The construction style of buildings in this area is old styled construction. Some of them you will find Mogal style construction. 

On this road, there’re different types of  societies. In which mixed people live. I mean to say here you will find Muslim people also. Who are mainly small businessmen. They’re middle or lower middle class people. And it’s a quiet dense area. So any business can be run here.

On the same road, there’s the ice-cream shop named “Patel ice cream” is situated. Which is continue since before freedom. Majority shops which are situated here are before ’47. The famous Gordhanbhai chevdavala also is located here only. The largest and oldest garden Jubilee garden is located here.

When ever we go ahead, Raiya Naka tower is located here. Which  is the oldest area of Rajkot and style of this area is old style. Whenever you will come here, I’m definately sure   that any one will get rememberance of old time.

This is one of the quiet dense area. So any business can be run here.  

On the same road, Tajawala super market is situated. Where various types of shops are there. And goods are available here at very reasonable prices. So people who know about this  super market and especially who live in surrounding of this region, they always do shopping from here only.   

Thus this road is the prime location for any business  

  •  Commercial Properties at Para Bazar In Rajkot :

Para bazar also is one of the oldest area of Rajkot where goods are available at quiet reasonable price. And this is the most dense area at the view of public so any business can be run in this location. It’s situated on Lakhajiraj road only. More over in this area, Dharmendra sinhji kapad market also is situated.   Where not only clothes are available but other goods also available. This is the central area of Rajkot so goods are available at reasonable prices. More over so many people visit here every day so high selling can be possible. So at the business view, it’s a prime location. If any one has smallest shop then after also he can get very good counter every day.

  •  Commercial properties at Raiya Naka Tower in Rajkot :

Raiya Naka tower is also an oldest part of old Rajkot which was famous for selling different types of goods once upon a time. And people always visit the same area even today also. There’re particular types of goods which are available in this area only even today also. And if we need such goods, we most’ve to visit here only.

This is also located on  Lakhajiraj road only.   

The goods like old style lantern and other such goods if we need to buy then we must’ve to visit here only. This area gives us the rememberance of Rajkot before ’47.

  • Commercial properties on Gondal road in Rajkot :

 Gondal road starts from  Malaviya chawk  and ends at Gondal. So it’s called Gondal road. On this road, majority shops are of automobile spare part and automobile show rooms and tyre agencies and tractor agencies also. This is one of the road which is parallel to Dhebar road. On the same road, back side gate of Swaminarayan Gurukul is located. In other words Gurukul is spread between Dhebar road and Gondal road.  

On the same road there’s the school of deaf and dumb also.  There’re so many commercial buildings also on this road. In which different types of offices are there. Especially these offices are for selling the goods manufactured by different factories. They keep such offices for the purpose of being in touch with public to get the wide market.

This road is convenient for any type of businesses especially automobile business.

  • Commercial properties on Dhebar road in Rajkot :

Dhebar road is one of the main road in Rajkot. The most prime location for any business because it’s already touches with different societies and localities. On this road, majority show rooms are the show rooms of furniture. More over on the same road the most prime location of Rajkot the Rajkot main S. T. Bus port is situated. Where taxy stand also is located. On the same road, the main office of Rajkot Municipality is situated. More over one of the oldest building constructed in the time of Britishers or may be before that is already present. Which is famous as “Bhutkhana” and the cross road where this building is located is called “Bhutkhana chawk” on the same road the main gate of Gurukul is there. More over the back side of Rashtriy Shala is located here. Which was quiet famous and important once upon a time especially in the time of freedom fighting against Britishers. And it was founded by Gandhiji. Where creative activities are being taught to the students so that they can develop their skill and can get employment. Even today also it’s continue.

Thus this is the prime location for any business.

  • Commercial properties at Bhakti Nagar circle in Rajkot:

Bhakti Nagar circle is one of the central area especially when we’re talking about the area related to Kothariya main road. This is the circle whee any business can be run and more over here there’re different hotels and a famous Gita Mandir and Dhareshvar temple also are located. This is central area why because it’s the area from where we must’ve to pass when we’re going to Kothariya main road through Sorathiya vadi or were going to Aji Vasahat via city area. It’s an old circle where fountain also are there for last many years.

Many years ago in Rajkot, the fountains were only at Trikon bag circle. After wards at Bhaktinagar circle also it’s started. And now a days fountains are common in Rajkot.

Thus Bhakti Nagar circle is one of the prime location for any business. Because it’s location is in between the way to go to Aji Vasahat or any area at that side.

It’s one type of a junction of different roads coming from different areas so its location is very important.

Not only this but the road which comes directly from Gondal road and Dhebar road touches this circle. So it’s directly connected to both of these roads. So it’s a prime location for commercial purpose.

  • Commercial properties on Kothariya main road in Rajkot :

Kothariya main road is one of the developing area of Rajkot city. It starts from Kevdavadi and ends at Kothariya solvant.

On this road a very much famous cross road named “Slrsthiya vadi” is located. Which is the junction of 80 ft. Road and Kothariya  main road. On the same road there’s a theatre named “Nilkanth”  is located. Opp. Side of Nilkanth, there’s a dense society of Gujarat Housing Board and Nilkanth Park are located. More over other gov. Quarters Also are located.

Behind Nilkanth theatre, Méhul Nagar society is situated.  Before 50 years, there was nothing on this road else housing board apartments. And Sorathiya vadi could be seen directly from Housing board apartments. There was sinduriya drainage in on this road where drainage water was being emptied and terrible smell was going to be spread in surroundings. Then after this whole region of sinduriya is filled up and drainage are built before so many years. And there was a ground. Now a days commercial buildings are already built here. And due to this much number of societies any business can be run here. Because dense population is here.

After Nilkanth, when we go ahead, Devpara comes.  This is also a quiet dense area. There’s  a big city bus stop here. So Any business can be run here.

When we go ahead from Devpara, the Hudko quarters start. And there’s a large society of Hudko quarters here. So density of people on this road is very high. Any business, classes, dispensary, hospitals, schools super market etc. Can be run here. But the people who live here are majority from middle or lower middle class. So it becomes difficult to establish high quality of goods or services of higher charges in this area.

  • Commercial properties on Kuvadava road  in Rajkot :

Kuvadava road starts from end of Kesari bridge.  Actually it starts from Civil junction. One of the road which goes from this junction, Kesari bridge starts immediately. And where this bridge ends, Kuvadava road starts. It ends at Kuvadava village.

On this road, the famous Ashram of Ranchhod das bapu is located. And people come here every day in large number of.

There’re lots of societies on this road. So it’s a dense area. And any business can be run here. On this road,   the mainly shops which are situated, are the transport offices and other automobile businesses. But mainly we can see the transport business and tube tyre agencies are situated here.

More over on the same road, D-Mart is situated. So if any one establish other super market then also it will be run easily.  Actually this is the area of transportation business only because the same road is Ahmedabad high way. If any one who wants to go to Ahmedabad, through city, then he must’ve to go through this road only.

Thus travells, transport, and the businesses related to it are the main business on this road. No doubt, others also can be established due to dense public in societies on this road.

  • Commercial properties on Milpara main road in Rajkot :

Actually Milpara main road is one of the small and narrow road which is the very useful short cut road for the people who want to go to Karanpara from the area of Kothariya main road or Bhakti Nagar circle area. So it’s an area through where lots of public passes every day. This to road in between Karanpara and the road of Bhakti nagar circle.

On this road, the business like grocery, stationery, puncture etc. Small businesses only can be run. Because the public which lives on this road is lower middle class. And according to that only we’ve to establish business on this road.

  • Commercial properties on Swaminarayan chawk in Rajkot :

Swaminarayan chawk is one of the junction area of new Rajkot. Actually we can’t say it as a new Rajkot but compared to other oldest areas it’s a new Rajkot.  it’s already established for more than last 30 years.

The surrounding societies are like Naval Nagar and other societies . Where the people of middle and lower middle class live here so the businesses which are related to daily needs of the people can be run easily. For an example, grocery, stationery, and others.

As we’ve discussed above, Swaminarayan chawk is a junction area of different roads. And commercial centres also are situated here and any business can be run here.

One of the road which is already connected with Gondal road and this road passes by P. D. Malaviya College which is one of the most famous commerce college and one of to the oldest one also. More over it’s famous for its strictness also. Thus this chawk is one of the Chawk through where many people pass every day. And commercial apartments also are situated here. And any business can be run like travel agency, clinic, classes, etc.

  • Commercial properties on Canal road in Rajkot :

Canal road is called as canal road because there was canal at the place of this road. After wards this canal was filled up and then road was established at this place. This road starts from Bhutkhana chawk and ends at last turning point after Hathikhana main road.  This road passes near by Karanpara main road which is rear area of S. T. Bus stop of Rajkot. More over it asses by Gundavadi hospital and Gundavadi market also. Which is the most famous market in Rajkot. Where different types of goods like clothes and other shoe ware also are available here. Public comes here in large number of to purchase the goods. On the same road, Gundavadi Police chowki.

More over when we go ahead on the same road, it passes through Kevdavadi. This area also is ok me of the small market area. Where different types of the goods are available at lower prices.

This road touches to palace road also. The touching of this Palace road and Canal road which is called Gundavadi area. This area is called as Gundavadi because earlier only gundas were available for  pickle.

As we’ve discussed above, there’re two large and dense markets are already located on this road so any business can be developed here. More over hotel business also can be developed here because it’s a nearer area from bus stop. So if any one comes for one day or for few hours only then they can stay here by hiring the room.

On the same road, colour lab also is situated. So any business can be run here.

  • Commercial Properties in Sadar Bazar in Rajkot :

Sadar bazar is one of the part of old Rajkot. And it’s a very dense area so any business can be possible to run here. This area is decided into two one ways. On which so many types of shops are located. Here there’s an oldest ice cream parlour is situated named “Visram Ice cream”. Which is so old that before freedom, this parlour is started and it’s still continue.

In this area, majority public is Muslim public. But then after also there’re no religious conflicts in this area. As we’ve discussed above, Rajkot’s Muslims are the businessmen. They’re not extremists.

Due to density of public, there’re so many opportunities of business in this area. This is the central area of Rajkot. It’s located in between new and old Rajkot.

  • Commercial properties on  Karanpara Main Road in Rajkot :

Karanpara is the area which is located behind S. T. Bus station of Rajkot. The name of this area is in rememberance of Prince Karansinhji. It’s a very dense area and there’re so many streets in this area. All the houses are old fashioned houses. But now a days new apartments also are going to be constructed. New commercial apartments also are there. There’re so many different types of shops and travel agencies are located on this road because it’s located behind bus stop. So people who want to travel, come here. There’re so ok many types of hotels also on this road.

Due to dense area, any business can be run here.

  • Commercial properties at Gunda vadi in Rajkot :

Gundavadi is also one of the oldest area of Rajkot. For ladies, for the view of shopping of different types of household goods and clothes also at the reasonable price this is the most important area.

This area is located at the junction of f Palace road and Canal road. At the same location there’s a government hospital named as “Gundavadi hospital “ is located. Opp. To this hospital, there’s a Gundavadi police station also is situated. Here there’s  a small market where different types of goods are available at quiet reasonable prices so ladies from different area come here for shopping. So for the commercial purpose this area is quiet important. When ever we go ahead on Canal road, the same type of area named  “Kevda vadi”  comes.

  • Commercial properties at Kevda vadi in Rajkot :

Kevdavadi is also one of the area of old Rajkot. Which is located at junction of Canal road and the end of Kothariya main road. At the point of this Junction, the oldest show room of steal cupboards named “ Bombay Iron” is located. Here also there’s the market of different goods and clothes like Gundavadi also where all the goods are available at the quiet reasonable prices. Generally people who live on Kothariya main road come here in both of these markets for shopping. So it’s a very good area for any commercial activity because so many people visit this area every day.

  • Commercial properties at Sorathiya vadi in Rajkot :

Sorathiya vadi is located on Kothariya main road. It’s a junction of 80 ft. Road and Kothariya main road. Whatever 80 ft. Road is there, it goes straight by crossing this circle and meets Bhavnagar main road and Aji Vasahat also. And Aji dam road also goes from there only. So who ever want to go to Aji Vasahat industrial area or Aji dam through city area, must’ve Togo through Sorathiya vadi only.

Earlier there was nothing on this cross roads. Only a light pole was there in middle of the cross road  but now a days a big circle and a park also is made. So this crossing became a very good commercial point. And any business can be run here quiet easily.

Industrial areas of Rajkot

  • Commercial properties at Metoda GIDC in Rajkot :

Metoda GIDC is one of the industrial area of Rajkot. Which is established latest. And it’s a quiet modern industrial area. Which includes all the facilities which require for an industrial unit. , this area is developed on Kalavad road. And it has 3 gates. Each gate includes large area. And there’re industrial shades and land for office building and ware houses also can be constructed here.

In this area, there’re hotels and snack bars also situated. So that if workers or staff members or owners need to have lunch or snack then they don’t need to worry about that. More over there’re branches of different types of banks and Petrol pumps and shops of other goods which are required for offices. So if any one invests here industrial estate and give it on rent or if any one wants to start here a shop then also it becomes beneficial.

The village named “Metoda” is located near by so this industrial area is called “Metoda GIDC” it’s called “Lodhika GIDC” also. When ever we go forward on Kalavad road after this industrial area, a school also come. So stationery business also can be run here. More over in surrounding region, there’s the rural area so it’s not such an area which doesn’t have density of people. It’s a quiet dense area so any business can be run here.

  • Commercial properties at Bamanbor in Rajkot :

Bamanbor is one of the old industrial area in Rajkot. It’s located near  Surendra nagar, in Surendra Nagar district. It means it’s on Ahmedabad high way.  There’re so many factories in this industrial area. There’re industrial shades and plots in this area. In which by investing any one can establish his or her own industry. Or by giving it on rent, any one can earn a fixed income.

In this area also there’s so many industries related businesses. Hotels and other businesses can be developed here. A snack bar also and comp. Hardware and software also which are beneficial to industries.  

So it’s a very good area for the purpose of commercial view.

  • Commercial properties at Aji Vasahat in Rajkot :

Aji Vasahat is also one of the industrial area which is located on national high way 8b. It’s an industrial area which is developed may be before Bamanbore also. And there’re so many societies also located around it. All the businesses can be developed here which are related to industrial fields.

When we want to go to this area, through city, we’ve to go via Sorathiya vadi. And it can be possible to go via ring road also.  Here, so many businesses can be developed. So it’s a very good commercial area.

  • Commercial properties at Bhaktinagar Ind. Area in Rajkot :

Bhaktinagar is one of the old area of Rajkot which is developed in surrounding area of Bhakti Nagar railway station. Which is one of the extra railway station in Rajkot for the roots which are at Saurashtra side. When the trains for Gujarat and out of Gujarat are available from Rajkot Junction which is the main railway station.

In this area, there’re small industries also. Generally the industries which are situated here, are mainly working on leth machine and other machines. In this region the business related to industries can be run.

More over, in this area, Bhaktinagar  society also is developed where so many people live. And it’s a very dense area. So business of house hold goods also can be possible.

  • Commercial properties at Shapar Veraval ind. Area in Rajkot :

Shapar – Veraval is one of the industrial area which is located on Gondal road in Rajkot. Which is one of the well developed industrial area and it’s developed before Metoda GIDC. Here, price for land is nearly 2611/sq. Foot. Now you can understand how much beneficial to invest in this area.

Here different types of industries are situated. And one can earn money by investing money here.

So many products are manufactured here. And are sold in Rajkot also and exported abroad and other state also.

  • Commercial properties at Kothariya naka in Rajkot :

Kothariya  naka is one of the oldest area in Rajkot. It’s located at the end of Palace road. Where a most famous and with reasonable charges hospital managed by Vanik community. So many people come here every day  and more over so many people live  here so it’s a quiet dense area for last so many years. I should say for last centuries. So at the commercial view also it’s a quiet important area. If any one invests here, he can earn a very good return from. Here in the form of business return also and in the form of rent/lease also.

  • Commercial properties at 80 ft. Road in Rajkot :

This 80 ft. Road about which we’re going to discuss is situated at Kalavad  road. It stars from Zadus crossing on Kalavad road and up to Pal village this road is expanded.

On the same road there’re so many societies like Jivaraj park and Ambika township are located. More over the multistory buildings also are constructed here and commercial centers also are here. It’s a new developing area with dense public. More over the people who live here are polish and service people. So they’re peaceful people. So any business can be quiet profitable here.  

Here, a cross road is located from where different roads are separated. This area is called “Speedwell party plot” . This is the quiet famous area on this road. More over there’s a Suvarnabhumi commercial centre is already situated where different types of famous show rooms are already developed. So if any one wants to invest here can get very good return.

  • Commercial properties on Jamnagar road in Rajkot :

Jamnagar road is one of the most important area in Rajkot because now a days its a developing area. It  starts from Civil chawk and ends at Jamnagar.

This road passes parallel to Kalavad road and Raiya road. On this road there’s Jam tower  and rest house of Jam saheb. Who was the king of Jamnagar and this tower and rest house both were constructed by him. Even today also both are on Jamnagar road. This road passes by Padadhari  and other  villages. On the same road there’re different schools which are boarding schools are located..

More over the famous Khandheri stadium and AIIMS hospital are going to be developed on this road. So it’s a fast developing area now a days. More over junction of 150 ft. Ring road and Jamnagar road is Madhapar chawk. Which is quiet important point for the commercial view.   There’re so many commercial centres at Madhapar circle.

More over Ishvariya park also is located here only. And Ghanteshvar park is already here.

More over second ring road touches here at the point of Ghanteshvar to Jamnagar road. There’s the SRP camp on second ring road which touches to Jamnagar road  and there’re so many societies on Jamnagar road. So any business can be run here easily.

Due to this Khandheri stadium and AIIMS the value of this road has been increased.

There’s the capacity of 28000 in this stadium. AIIMS’ full form is “All India Institute of Medical Science”. So it’s a very good development on this road.

If any one will invest on this road then definately he will get satisfied revote.

  • Commercial properties at Bedi naka tower in Rajkot :

Bedi naka tower is one of the oldest area of Rajkot which is located nr. Bedi village means from that area, directly we can go to Bedi village. So it’s called Bedi naka tower. And  It was the style at that time to construct a high and thick wall around whole city to protect it. And at every side from where we can go to different cities there’re gates with tower. From here when Kesari bridge  was not constructed, people had to go to Bedi village through cause way of Aji river. So it’s called Bedi naka tower. And this road is called Bedi naka road.

Here majority public is middle class public and there’re so many chances of business in this area. Because here, there’s dense population. And there’re so many commercial properties in this area.

  • Commercial properties at Rajkot Marketing yard in Rajkot :

Marketing yard is one of the very important place for the farmers. And all types of agro  products are transported to here to sell. Where farmers can have proper market price.

In Rajkot on the RTO road, this old marketing yard is situated. So many societies are located in surrounding area. So any type of business can be run here. More over there’re so many shops in marketing yard where very good business can be done and businessmen can earn a good amount of money daily. Here warehouses also are there. And for the commercial view, it’s a very good location.

This is Rajkot’s old marketing yard.

  • Commercial properties at new marketing yard in Rajkot :

Rajkot’s new marketing yard is developed at Morbi road for the convenience of people at Morbi side.  This yard is developed near Bedi village. Here also there’re so many chances of business and people can get very good earning by investing in commercial real estate here.

And people can earn a very good money

Thus Rajkot is a very good city to invest in commercial real estate and to do business compared to other cities. Because the people who live here, are peaceful and not interested in any conflicts. So investors can have safe and sound city with dense public at the centre of Saurashtra. So all the locations in Saurashtra becomes nearer from here.

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