Investment Opportunity

Why should we invest in malls ?

As we know that malls are today’s requirement of fast growing life. People prefer to purchase goods from mall so that they can get wherever goods they require from only one place.  So as an  investor, if we invest in mall, then it can be more beneficial today.

Now a days There’re different types of malls in different areas just like

There are some example of mall like as under :

  1. Big bazar
  2. Reliance Mall
  3. Crystal mall
  4. D-mart
  • Big bazar :

Big bazar is one of the very big mall located on 150ft. Ring road. Where so many goods are available at reasonable prices. And on Sunday, Wednesday and other holidays there’s more public  at big bazar. So there can be more business if we invest in this mall. Big Bazaar is an Indian retail chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The retail chain was founded by Kishore Biryani under his parent organisation Future Group, which is known for having a significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors. Big Bazaar is also the parent chain of Food Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar[4] (abbreviated as fbb) and Ezone where at locations it houses all under one roof, while it is sister chain of retail outlets like Brand Factory, Home Town, Central, Ezone, etc. Founded in 2001, Big Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest hypermarket chains of India, housing about 250+ stores in over 120 cities and towns across the country.

  • Reliance mall :

This mall is situated at 150 ft. Ring road Opp. Big bazar. This is also a mall with very much public. And people can get maximum return can be earned by investing here.

  • Crystal mall Kalavad road :        

Crystal mall is located on Kalavad road. When we go to Metoda, it comes on the .way. this is a very big mall and located in cream dense area so in this mall whatever public comes is polish and well to do public which can spend more amount of money for the goods and they prefer branded items.

Crystal Mall Rajkot has a gross leasable area of 150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2) The main atrium of Crystal Mall Rajkot is spread about 10,000 sq ft (0.23 acres). The mall is nearly square building, with a roughly C-shape floor plans. Over 52 stores are arranged along five levels of pedestrian walkways on the sides of the rectangle with 3 Screen Multiplex Cinema on second floor & third floor. Four anchor stores are located at the corners.The mall is organized into four different zones, each with its own decorative style. Two nearly identical floors of the mall provide 400 car parking spaces.

The mall opened its doors to the public on 28 September 2009.

The complex includes many brands. It has a cinema and a food court.

  • D Mart :

D Mart is the mall which is established at different locations in Rajkot and other cities. In Rajkot it’s at Kuvadava road and other locations. Thus D Mart is such a mall which is situated at different locations in different cities. There’re different types of malls in Rajkot. And people prefer to do shopping  from shopping malls. So it means that as an investor, if we invest in stall in different types of mall then it becomes beneficial. So which mall is situated in centre of the city or where more public visit, investor has to invest in such mall. So that they can get more business.

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