No.1 City Rajkot The Heart Of Saurashtra

Rajkot The Heart Of Saurashtra As A Growing City

Rajkot The Heart Of Saurashtra As A Growing City

As we know that Rajkot has become a one of the most important city in Saurashtra from very beginning. Sir Lakhajiraj was the last king of Rajkot. And even today also his palace is present on Palace road of Rajkot. Rajkot The Heart Of Saurashtra As A Growing City.

Today we’re going to discuss on different topics of Rajkot. Which are discussed as under.

Location :

Rajkot is located at the middle of Saurshtra and its location is 22.3039N. and 70.8022 E. This is the location of Rajkot on the base of latitude and longitude. More over Rajkot is located at equidistance from Junagadh, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and other districts of Saurashtra. And also located at nearly equidistance from different villages. That’s the main reason why people come to Rajkot  for the purpose of business or job from different villages.

Other details :

Rajkot is located at the middle of Saurashtra. Its area is 129.21 sq. Km.

Population is 14,42,975

And sex ratio is 908:1000. Means at every 1000 males, there’re 908 female which is a very good sign of development.

In Rajkot, 87.88% people are literate. Which shows that in Rajkot, majority people are well learned.

Out of 14 lakh population, there’re 10.95% children and 48.88% is youth. So man power is already available in Rajkot.  

Economic activity :

As we’ve discussed above, we know that people of villages can come to Rajkot easily. So whatever businesses are going on in Rajkot are mainly related to agro production. Just like pesticides and fertilizers. And spare parts of tractors, bike, trucks etc.

Same as in the field of industries also majority industries are based on agro field.

Rajkot is main canter of diesel engine and V belt for last so many years.

Corporate field :

As we’ve discussed above, for easy transactions banking and insurance services are required. So in Rajkot there’re different types of banks and insurance companies are already developed. More over different companies have already opened show rooms and other units. Moreover manufacturing units also have been established.

Education Hub :

Now a days Rajkot has become an education Hub in Saurashtra. And large number of  people are engaged in educational field. There’re so many schools and colleges of different courses already established in Rajkot. More over schools of GSEB, ICSE, CBSE, IB boards are already available in Rajkot. Out of which RKC is one of the oldest school of CBSE. It’s established in the time of king system. So many people are engaged in this field.

IT field :

As we know, now a days there’s more demand in IT sector. People are already engaged in this field also.

Now a days there’re so many people who’re already engaged in the development of  software and website.

Telecommunication :

As we know that now a days telecommunication sector is well developed and there’s maximum demand of goods in this sector. Now a days life of people became completely dependent on mobiles. So in Rajkot, in this field also large number of  people are engaged.

TransportationTravels :

Rajkot is centre  of Saurashtra and there’re various industrial areas already developed in Rajkot such as

  1. Aji Vasahat
  2. Bhaktinagar station plot
  3. Metoda GIDC

So there’re number of manufacturing units in Rajkot. So there’s vast requirement of transportation  and travels also.  So these both businesses are well developed in Rajkot.

Hotel & restaurant business.

 Rajkotians are very much fond of  to have lunch and dinner out side. So restaurant business has already well developed.

Hospitals :

As we know that in Rajkot, literacy rate is so high compared to other regions of Gujarat, so there’re so many doctors who’ve already established their hospitals and clinics. More over there’re different types of hospitals also in which doctors are working.

AIIMS In Rajkot :

AIIMS is the unit of “All India Institute of Medical Science”. Which is going to be established in Rajkot and it will be regularised up to October ’22.

The fund is already spared by the BJP government Rs. 1195 crore in the year of 2019 only.  It’s going to develop on Jamnagar Road, Padadhari taluka.

So this road will be well developed and there will be so many requirements of different services and properties.

We provide the services regarding franchise, properties and financial services.  So any one who wants to have such service can contact 9659500099.

Scopes of franchise business in Rajkot

As we’ve discussed above, there’re so many scopes of franchise business in Rajkot in different fields. As we know, in Rajkot people are engaged in different fields so it means there’re so many scopes of franchise business in Rajkot. We’re already having more than 3000 brands in different sectors and we provide franchises to different businessmen. More over we provide properties and financial facilities also. So that people can establish their business by coming to one and only one destination  MITRA BUSINESS SOLUTION PROVIDER. 9659500099

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